mardi 15 mai 2012

Crème glacée frite


White Bread
Ice cream - Vanilla ice cream would taste best
Oil - For deep frying


1. Trim off the bread crusts. Place a scoop of ice cream on a bread slice.  Now lay another bread slice over it in a diamond shape. Both the slices should be at angles to each other.

2. Now fold the sides of both the slices and use your fingers to press them together and form a ball. Freeze the balls overnight and deep fry in oil until golden brown (one at a time). It will take only 20 - 30 seconds to fry them so be very careful. The outside will be crispy,hot and inside will be still frozen. Drizzle with strawberry syrup, chocolate sauce, honey, whipped cream as desired, and serve immediately.  You can also sprinkle some cinnamon or powdered sugar on it. Repeat the same with the remaining frozen ice cream balls. Enjoy!!

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